Dearest Y-L.

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Teacher: “Write an essay on anything you want, from your favourite games, to your best friend, it doesn’t matter. Just follow the structure.”


She was born in Australia, but soon after moved to Malaysia. After a few years there, she came back to Australia in Year 9. She’s fairly short, about 150cm, and she is a very sociable and random girl. She enjoys listening to rock, metal, and a few other genres, but she listens mostly punk rock. For some weird reason she really dislikes fish, and old metal bands, such as Metallica, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, saying their music to too slow. (editors note – Re-reading it, it sounds crap O_O)

I had known her since I had PE with her in year nine, but I really only got to know her when I started hanging out with her near the end of term 3 in year 9. By then I was really wandering around with no one to hang around with. I had just had a massive fight with one of my primary school friends, and after that I lost about 3 of my closest friends at that point in time. After that I just started wandering around just joining and leaving random ‘groups’, mostly the sport ones, such as soccer and two square. After a while I saw Yeleng and her group, and remembered that I did PE with her. So I decided to hang around with her for a while. For the next couple of months we really only played cards (Big 2, Spoons). I’ve always “loved” her, as a friend, and I know she also loves me.
The reason I chose her for this personal piece of writing is because she is the best friend I have ever had. She puts up with my flaws. I know I sometimes annoy her, but that’s just my personality, and that’s hard to change. She’s never shouted at me, she’s never put me down, she’s always supportive and she always believes in me. Having a best friend is important, because they can be a support or a handhold when you feel like you’re slipping. Best friends are people that you can trust with your life, you can tell them anything and know for sure they won’t tell anyone, no matter how embarrassing or bad it is. I’ve always “loved” her, as a friend, and I know she also loves me. Through thick and thin, she’s never once complained or moaned at me about doing something wrong. If I did something wrong she would point it out gently and help me realise what was wrong, whether it was serious or not.

We have a lot of fun just saying and doing random things, especially making up random words. A few examples of this would be PLO8, which originated from her miss-reading something I had written down (p108), the snail which can go faster than the speed of light, fly backwards underwater, has a “stik”, etc. Another good example is singing silly jingles (jingle bells) at random times of the year. She’s unique, but more unique than anyone else I know. Ever since I’ve known her, I’ve never seen her upset, or angry, or really emotional about something. I’ve always felt protective of her, and I know myself I’m overprotective of her. So I really just let her make her own decisions in life, because you can’t learn if you don’t make your own mistakes. But I know deep down that she’ll always make the right decisions, even if I don’t think they are.

She once said “I’m just like every other teenager you know, just shorter”. I disagree with that remark, because I think she’s just like ever other teenager I know, just better.


Hmm, there’s two versions of this I think, but I can’t find the other. Oh well.

hope you enjoyed it.


What if…

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Have you ever thought that, maybe, perhaps, that just saying something small like “Wow, you look nice today” may mean the world to someone?

What if you said it to someone who just that morning decided to kill themselves later that evening?

What if you stopped them from doing just that, because they realise that there are nice people in the world?

What if?

This is the type of girl you never let go of.

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Best friend writing a letter to me before she headed off to Malaysia.

Hey Brendan,

Here's the letter I promised I'd write before I leave for Malaysia.

This year has by far been the toughest year of high school I've faced,
but I survived through it. I must thank you for all the help, support
and encouragement you've given me not only for this year but for all
the years that I've known you. We didn't have any classes together
this year but I feel that we've gotten closer this year. You've
provided me with so much great memories of high school that I'll
always remember (PLO8, jingle bells, get the time thingys!) and I
really do hope that we'll continue to form new ones. Well, I don't
need to hope because I know that we'll still see each other when I get
back from Malaysia.

As I was packing out my school work the other day, I found the essay
that you wrote and given me. It was the personal essay about "My best
friend" that you handed in for English. I'm not sure if you still
remember it but I've kept since. After reading it again, I felt happy
and sad at the same time - Happy because I have found the best friend
in the world and sad because I realised I won't be seeing you five
times a week anymore and how much I'll miss that. I still remember one
day back in Year 11 you texted me "Promise we won't drift apart after
high school?". I said "Yes" and I hope that we won't because you
promised too. I really don't want to lose an amazing friend like you.
You're smart, funny, caring and I hate to admit this but you're
awesome. You've also always been there for me and cheered me up and I
really appreciate it.

So once again, thank you for everything. I hope you get your desired
ENTER and I know that you will because you're smart. Take care, enjoy
your holidays and I'll see you soon. Looking forward to Torquay and
we'll party together!